Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Oh not long now til its all gone!!!! Actually it will be getting demolished around 2014 and onwards.

Where they gonna put the pink elephant when the shopping centre gets smashed up??
I want it in my living room, next to my big ice cream.

Yeah my face looks a bit spazzy in this pic, but i loved our day out in elephant so much i wanted to share them with you, i think leigh had carefully planned our romantic day. His colour co-ordinated outfit gave it away.

The redevelopment of Elephant and Castle is an ambitious programme of change that will culminate in one of the largest regeneration programmes ever seen in Europe. How amazing is that???? I knew it, Elephant has always had a special place in my heart even in the shot state it is at right now.

The £1.5 billion, 70-acre programme includes the creation of a new pedestrianised town centre, market square, green spaces and thousands of new homes and jobs.

Southwark Council is leading this programme so that by 2020, local people can benefit from a dramatically improved physical environment with tree lined streets, high quality open spaces and a largely traffic free environment. They will also enjoy access to more local jobs and training opportunities, and new cultural and leisure facilities such as a cinema and swimming pool.

Elephant and Castle will, like in its 1930s heyday, become a thriving urban centre where people come from across London to shop, eat, relax and be entertained.

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