Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I was excited to see what Lily Allens new jewellery range was going to look like, as i remember when i first found her on MYSPACE about 4/5 years ago, wearing her thick long gold necklaces with all sorts of charms including AK47's, sovereigns and all sorts of interesting pikey bits and bobs.
But what she has actually produced is something that you could buy in any high street store, including Superdrug. Especially the MINX and type charms, they are just bad!!
Not bad as in good either, and whats the Nouveau Italian widow look. Come Lily you must have enough £££££ to keep it real again, get back to ya roots love.
Of course i do like the smilies, afterall they are yellow!!

This is when i thought Lily was cool!!!


Dub Special said...

damn thats some real naf shit

CHECK-ME-OUT said...

shit!!!! Init!!
and i bet its bucks!!

GoldieLocks said...

yeh took the words out of my mouth, I was googling this non-stop as I was well excited. SEXY on a chain? I should have said WACK

steptoe said...

good post, couldn't of put it better myself, "cool to cock" in no time at all.